“At any point in life’s journey, tools such as this can propel you forward.”


Thomas Baskin

University of Texas

Defensive Tackle



“Alpha has the main tools for mental mastery that you need to understand in a quick 21-day course. It doesn’t overwhelm you with information, but just repeatedly reminds you of principles that create the kind of intentional focus that leads to positive growth for the individual in the course.”


Zack Moore

Certified NFL Agent

Author of Caponomics

University of Rhode Island Punt Returner



“The Alpha program is truly life changing if you put in the work and apply the mental principles and exercises. I’ve tried several programs through the years whether it was a Tony Robbins or a Gary V type program, just trying to get an edge on myself and my environment. Having a program or a blueprint like the one that Alpha teaches helps one take control of the most important thing we have…The Mind.”


Thomas Sullivan

Casting Director

Oscar winner (“Green Book”)



“As an executive and now entrepreneur this 21-day training was perfect to work into my daily routine and put focus into things I wasn’t aware of or not addressing. The biggest eye opener for me during this process was the ability to tap into what I call my darkness. By learning to be aware of the negative talk I CAN change the course and context of my mind. Working with Arlen and his program is a refreshing way for any person that carries the Alpha mindset to combat their darkness and unlock their potential.”


Sean M.

Executive | Partner



“The Alpha Program truly is next level mind conditioning. My new business started to pick up steam and events started to come into my life catapulting the growth of my business. When I say catapult, I mean going from getting one lead per month and closing a small contract, to landing a major contract putting great money back into the business. I met with a major owner of a company that I’m going to partner with that will take my business to a national level. This all happened within the last 14 days! I just finished the Alpha Program a few days ago.”


Marcos Villarreal


Owner | Regional Operator



“Primarily entering the program, I was in hopes of curing psychological and physical fatigue. My mind would wander, and my thoughts were everywhere. Uncontrollable anxiety and nerves seemed to synchronize with my flawed mentality during my most important moments. With sacrifice and an ability to learn (most importantly, respect) the processes of how to locate and organize my inner dialogue, I developed a new perspective in God and our Universe. A seemingly complex program produced a simple switch which I then flipped on to illuminate my previously dark path. I didn’t need a cure. I needed to manifest my God-given power to produce a light and release an instinctual drive within myself. Thank You Prodigy Mindset Gym.”


Patrick Chavera

Actor | Father



“Alpha was an intense eye-opening experience. There was so much great info to absorb in such a short time. There were so many emotions that I experienced at times with the exercises that I wasn’t aware that I could reach because either I didn’t know how to get to that point or wouldn’t make the time for myself. I loved the affirmations, the verses from the Bible, that give it a more powerful and meaningful impact. This definitely takes you through a totally different higher level of consciousness to overcome and grow from within to reach the full awareness of who “I am.”


Next week, I plan to start the Alpha program again in alignment with my cycling training. I can honestly say that my business has increased, as well as my income. And I’ve felt a stronger bond with and appreciation for my wife, daughter, and my parents.”


John Maldonado III

Personal Finance Rep.

Allstate Financial Services, LLC



“Understanding and redefining the principals of what defines a true alpha male is more than enough reason to experience ALPHA, but the tools and training that come with it will help you truly unleash the alpha in you.”


Robert Moffat

Lead Artist

Treyarch – Call Of Duty