ALPHA by Prodigy Mindset Gym™

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ALPHA is a men’s only program that connects participants to their internal monologue system (IMS) by utilizing similar mental strategies of noted and respected mental coaches. It also implements motivational tools utilized by some of the greatest athletes of our time. But the ALPHA distinguishes itself from there.

The ALPHA Self-Talk Affirmation Platform leverages the synergy of Story Trapping, Starter Block Trapping, Psychological Distancing, and Construal-Level Theory (CLT). This teaches men how to self-induce the Alpha Brain Wavelength. The result is a complete conscious and subconscious reconditioning. ALPHA participants commit to these processes and repeat them just as professional athletes practice free throws, route running, and swinging a bat.

The program produces a heightened state of Alpha consciousness. It promotes neural plasticity which causes the brain to reprogram itself and eliminate subconscious, detrimental habits and mindsets.


21-Day ALPHA by Prodigy Mindset Gym™ Deliverables




Step 1: 7 days – STORY TRAPPING: The level playing field

Story Trapping establishes a level playing field for consciousness by eliminating disadvantages with the subconscious mind and its original outmoded programming.


Story Trapping Tools & Principles

.       Initiating the Story Trapping process

.       Introduction to Consciousness

.       Introduction to The Observer

.       Prodigy’s (Pro Athlete) Mindset Interview

.       Initiating the Self-Talk / Affirmation Synergy

.       Media and Digital Platform removal


Step 2: 7 days – STARTER BLOCKS: Dialing in at the start of the gun

Alpha frequencies (8-12 Hz or 9-14 cycles per second) are readily available as we wake in the morning. ALPHA’s participants learn how to become primal in conjoining the act of waking, seizing and fueling the Alpha Brain Wavelength first thing every morning.


Starter Block Tools and Principles

.       Establishing & Triggering Neural Plasticity

.       Introduction to Starter Block Trapping

.       Seizing the Alpha Brain Wavelength

.       Introduction to The Conductor (fueled self-talk)

.       Third Person Self-Talk Affirmation conditioning

.       First-Person Self-Talk Affirmation Synergy


Step 3: 7 days – I AM: The super structure frequency

ALPHA’s participants assume the form of a walking meditation by learning how to generate and sustain the Alpha frequency throughout the entire day.


I AM Tools and Principles

.       Introduction to ALPHA’s I AM Origin

.       Establishing the Super Structure Frequency

.       Introduction to The Evolved Observer

.       Practicing the order of Conscious Gratitude


ALPHA Attributes